Spider Roulette Story


The original Spiders, Keith Williams and Peter Lind, played music together for over twenty years. One day after eating a couple bowls of Cherry Garcia ice cream they were relaxing in easy chairs. They found themselves idly staring up at the ceiling. There, making his upside down way slowly across the ceiling tiles was a large spider. 


“Wonder where he’s going?”
“Don’t know. But, I’ll bet he’ll stop on one of those tiles.”
“Good chance. Hey, we could number the tiles and pick the one he’ll stop on.”
“Kinda like roulette.”
“Yeah, kinda like Spider Roulette.”

Spider Roulette
That was then and this is now and Spider Roulette still isn’t always sure where they’re going to land. But, you can bet that they’ll be cooking up a combo of tasty blues, roots and Americana tunes. Their thinking is that if they take the time to look or listen hard enough to what’s out there and reflect a little…or a lot, then they might at least have some fun in life.


keith@papagreybeard.us Spider Roulette (802) 349-2777